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SG Sunny Tonny SR 3 English Willow Bat

  • Brand: SG
  • ₹19,999.00

Features of SG SR 3 English Willow Cricket Bat: 

  • Grade 1 Players Willow English Willow Cricket Bat.
  • This is Hard Pressed Traditionally Shaped Cricket Bat. 
  • This Cricket Bat has Singapore Cane Handle with Special 3 Way Insertion of Cork in between Splits. 
  • Its Handle has enhanced Flexibility and shock Absorption 
  • This Cricket Bats Handle is Traditional Round Cane Handle for Supreme Grip and Overall Bat Control. 
  • This Cricket Bat comes with 5 to 10 straight grains. 
  • It has an ideal weight between 1160-1200 grams

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