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SG Maxilite XL Cricket Batting Legguard (The Protective Wear)

  • Brand: SG
  • ₹3,999.00

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Features: SG Maxilite XL 2019 Series Legguard

  • Lightweight and flexible EPE - moulded professional legguard.
  • High-density sponge filled vertical bolster with TPU insert for knee protection.
  • Legguards are specially designed to protect the Catcher's knees, shins, ankles, and the top areas of their feet from injury due to balls in the dirt and foul tips.
  • In stick-and-ball games, players that are exposed to the delivery of fast, hard balls to their legs, arms or body wear pads to protect themselves. 
  • Added protection on top hat. 
  • Legguard, the protective wear has led to changes in tactics that would otherwise be impossible without safety equipment. 
  • Available in Mens size

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